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October 15, 2014
by Clayton
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Praise for Arcadia Caregiver Marietta

Given the immensely personal nature of home care, from time to time we receive stories or praise from our clients’ families.

The following is a recent recognition of our caregiver Marietta, in CA:

Arcadia Home Care & Staffing recently sent a new caregiver to our home to assist my brother who is a special needs client.

I was very impressed by Marietta, as she flies above and beyond what is typically expected of an in-home service professional.

On the first day, she stepped up and assumed responsibility of my brother. She escorted him to the bathroom, washed his face and assisted him with a shave- something he hasn’t done in two weeks since leaving the hospital!

She had ensured that his meals are cooked to his liking, completed laundry tasks and performed light housekeeping duties upon request from my brother.

We couldn’t be happier with her! She is always on time and extremely competent with all needed tasks. She goes the extra mile; when she sees a job that needs to be done, she takes the initiative and completes it without being asked. Most importantly, Marietta handles my brother with loving care.

What a tremendous difference she has made in our home. This has truly been an amazing experience and Marietta is a wonderful gift to our family!


October 7, 2014
by Clayton
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In-home monitoring with focus on privacy

Health SensorsIn-home monitoring technology is still a young industry, but evolving rapidly.  With new less-invasive devices, more variables being monitored, and massive databases of this collected information, the goal is for these devices to start predicting issues before they have an opportunity to occur.

One article from Kaiser Health News, a nonprofit news organization, details Good Samaritan’s use of monitoring devices.  Good Samaritan, the largest not-for-profit provider of senior services in the US, received an $8.1 million grant from the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust to study the effects of monitoring devices on the impact of overall cost of health care, level of independence, and quality of care.  KHN highlights a series of sensor devices which are able to collect and interpret information on daily routines without the use of invasive cameras or collecting audio.  The data collected by these devices is translated into an overview of a senior’s daily activities and, through their algorithms, identified as being normal or potentially having irregularities.  The data collected is then analyzed by nurses and appropriate action is taken.

“We think the use of the technology can reduce the need for physical visits and will save expense and time,” explains Jacci Nickell, VP of development and operation delivery systems at Good Samaritan.

President and CEO of Arcadia Home Care, John Elliott, agrees with the future of integrating new technology in care, saying “I believe in the promise of this type of technology to enhance wellbeing, save on health costs through prevention, and encourage senior’s independence.”

Follow Arcadia’s blog for updates on new programs and the latest on Home Care at the Highest Standard.





September 12, 2014
by Clayton
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Is there really a need for caregivers in older adults’ lives?

Caregiver helpingA new study out of the University of Michigan would suggest so.  With an estimated 18 million people admitting to struggling with daily activities or already receiving help; that’s nearly half (49%) of the population of older adults.

“Although 51 percent reported having no difficulty in the previous month, 29 percent reported receiving help with taking care of themselves or their households or getting around,” according to Vicki Freedman, U of M researcher and co-author of the report. “And another 20 percent said they had difficulty carrying out these activities on their own.”

Co-author Brenda Spillman, of the Urban Institute, continues that of the 18 million who reported facing difficulty with daily activities, “30 percent had an adverse consequence in the last month related to unmet need”.

If you have an aging loved one that could benefit from having a caregiver’s aide, contact Arcadia Home Care.  One of our care coordinators can guide you through your questions and set up a free assessment.



September 4, 2014
by Clayton
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Low vitamin D increases risk for dementia in seniors

Fish oil is a common source of vitamin D

Fish oil is a common source of vitamin D

A recent study published by the American Academy of Neurology finds that vitamin D deficiency could more than double the risk for seniors to develop dementia.Over a six year span, researchers studied the vitamin D levels of more than 1,500 dementia free individuals over the age of 65.  The study’s author David J. Llewellyn, PhD, of the University of Exeter Medical School, UK, explains “We expected to find an association between low Vitamin D levels and the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, but the results were surprising”.

The study found that having a lower level of vitamin D could increase the risk of dementia by 70%.  Those who were considered severely deficient had over a 120% chance of developing the disease, as Llewellyn explains as being “twice as strong as we anticipated”, even with outside factors considered.

Llewellyn cautions that the “results do not demonstrate that low vitamin D levels cause dementia”, but does suggest that “even if a small number of people could benefit, this would have enormous public health implications given the devastating and costly nature of dementia”.

If you have an aging loved one that may be exhibiting symptoms of early stages of dementia, you may want to have their vitamin D levels checked as well as regularly monitor their dietary nutrition.  For assistance or if you have any concerns about your family member, reach out to Arcadia Home Care for a free assessment and see how home care might be the right choice for you.

July 18, 2014
by Clayton
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Arcadia introduces AlzBetter to the Lansing, MI Area

Another successful  Interactive Community Education workshop was held on June 4th in the Okemos office.  Topic was our newly introduced dementia program, AlzBetter, a unique, holistic approach to memory care at home.  AlzBetter creates a meaningful and enjoyable day for our clients, based on activities that are individualized and appropriate for the client’s interests and current level of dementia.  Special activities include proprietary books written specifically for people with dementia that match a client’s ability level, custom puzzles using client’s family pictures which match a client’s ability level, and music offered on a complimentary IPod (and portable speaker) loaded with a client’s favorite songs.


AlzBetter also offers advanced training to our Arcadia memory care caregivers, as well as education and Care Manual to family and other unpaid caregivers.


AlzBetter was enthusiastically received by all in attendance!

July 3, 2014
by Clayton
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Arcadia partners with AlzBetter for dementia care at the highest standard

Arcadia is proud to announce its partnership with AlzBetter, a specialty program that revolutionizes the approach to caring for people with dementia at home.  This one-of-a-kind holistic concept is the result of more than twenty years of experience caring for seniors with dementia, and hundreds of hours working with the industry’s most forward thinking experts.   Currently being introduced in our Michigan locations, we look forward to expanding our  AlzBetter partnership in all of our offices around the country.

With AlzBetter, our clients are offered a daily schedule which includes tasks and activities that create a meaningful and enjoyable day.  Activities are based on our client’s personal interests and current functional level of dementia.  Initially, an Arcadia Care Manager, who is a certified dementia specialist, comes to the client’s home to do an in depth assessment.   From this assessment, custom software determines the functional level of dementia for a client and creates a daily schedule or Activity Pyramid.

Building a meaningful day involves not only scheduling activities that are essential activities, (like eating, drinking and bathing), and recuperative activities (that allow a client time to rest and recuperate), but also includes scheduling specific activities that focus on wellness, enjoyment and feeling productive or useful. 

Reassessment visits by the Arcadia Care Manager allow for changes in activities and approach based on a client’s changing abilities, identified problems and Quality of Life assessments done at each visit.

Special activities include the use of proprietary books written specifically for dementia clients and custom puzzles using client specific family pictures, all done to match a client’s current ability level.  Music is a big part of the AlzBetter program; Arcadia provides each of our dementia clients with a complimentary iPod Shuffle with portable speaker loaded with client specific favorite songs.

Arcadia AlzBetter caregivers receive advanced dementia training and ongoing support and education from our Care Managers.  Families and other caregivers receive ongoing support, as well as education and personalized training from the Care Manager using our Care Manual.

Arcadia and AlzBetter together, providing in home dementia care at the highest standard.

May 21, 2014
by Clayton
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“You got a good one!” – Meet Arcadia’s Janine through one family’s experience

A letter from Deborah R in Dayton:

I would like to tell you about the wonderful experience my family has had with Arcadia Home Care and specifically with Janine.  My 79 year old, widowed father fell in February 2014, fracturing his right shoulder in two places.  It quickly became apparent that my dad would need assistance to care for himself throughout the day, while he recovered.  Prior to his fall he was a very active and independent man, living alone and taking care of his home and yard on his own.  Because of his injury and balance issues, he now needed 8 – 10 hours of assistance per day.  After calling another home health care service and being told they could only provide 2 -3 hours of service per day, I called and spoke to Kim at Arcadia.  Within hours a representative was at my father’s house.  After a comprehensive interview, outlining our needs and goals we were told that Arcadia would find the ‘perfect fit’ for us.  To say that they delivered on that promise is an understatement.

Janine T was assigned to care for my father and from the moment she came through the door, we have considered our family blessed.  Janine is upbeat and has an amazing sense of humor, something outside the scope of her ‘duties’, but absolutely needed for my father.  She instantly became a member of our family and a wonderful companion for my father, in addition to tending to his physical limitations.  She has encouraged him to take care of himself, helped when needed and pushed when needed.  She once told me that she just treated him like she would want her own grandfather treated and for that I could not be more thankful.  My dad has progressed to the point where we will soon no longer need the services of Arcadia and Dad is already saying that he likes getting better, but he is really going to miss Janine.

Janine is extremely efficient in her duties but brings so much more to “the job”.  She truly cares about her clients and it shows.  Every nurse, therapist and therapy supervisor that has been in the home while Janine has been there, as well as all the family members have commented about Janine’s performance several stating the same thing…”You got a good one!”  to which I reply, “I know” with a huge smile.

I cannot say enough good things about Janine.  I had stated to Kim when I first called that really what I needed for my dad was a second daughter, never believing that they could even come close to fulfilling that requirement, but they did.  Who could ask for anything more?


Deborah R

Daughter of Richard S


For more of our testimonials, visit MyStory at Arcadia

January 27, 2014
by Clayton
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Our Dayton Office is recognized after a family’s loss

A letter to our Account Executive in Dayton-

Angela, my wife and I would like to thank you and your organization for taking such good care of my mother-in-law Berndena K. in her final days.   I would like to single out Barbara B. and Jeff R. especially, who took care of Mom in the last week of her life. Barbara and Jeff worked 12 hour shifts in our home for several consecutive days and were so very kind to all of us in our time of need.  I have learned a lot from both of them as to what it takes to be a wonderful nurse in the hospice field.

As Director of Career Services at a local college, I have been assisting our nursing graduates in securing positions in the Dayton/Cincinnati area for the past seven years.   This experience has been a real eye opener as to what knowledge, skills, and personality it takes to be a great nurse in this field.   We both are very sad right now, but your staff made our time with Mom a little bit easier at the end of her life.   I will always remember both Barbara and Jeff for their professionalism and kindness that they showed in our time of need.   Thank you again for sending us two wonderful employees.


Robert L.

For more of our client’s stories, visit our testimonials page by clicking here.

January 24, 2014
by Clayton
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Arcadia Home Care now offers FREE CEUs

Arcadia is proud to announce that we will now be offering free CEUs to applicable candidates.   Our Compliance Department, along with Organizational Development, have gone lengths to make free CEUs available for Registered Nurses, Case Managers, and Social Workers.  These CEUs are a wonderful way for health professionals to earn the continuing education credits they need to maintain their credentials.  Please contact your local Arcadia Account Executive to start earning CEUs from Arcadia. These are all offered online and will print out a certificate from the California Board of Nursing and the Association of Social Worker Board.

Arcadia Home Care is pleased to offer this new service free of charge to health professionals and hopes to continue expanding the curriculum and our dedication to our fellow care providers.

December 20, 2013
by Clayton
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“I know I am in the right place” – Beth’s experience with Arcadia

Celebrating for Arcadia

Arcadia has many opportunities for growth and success in 18 states currently.

The home care industry is largely composed of caring passionate people, given the nature of the work that we’re involved in.  The following is a message from one of our relatively new account executives, Beth, who wanted to share her story of her time with Arcadia.


It is with great joy and heartfelt thanksgiving that I wish to share what I have learned in my first 90 days with Arcadia Home Care & Staffing:

One thing I learned 2 years ago… Arcadia Home Care gives great care!

I had actually learned this as they had given my mother, Vera L of Kalamazoo, Michigan tender loving and understanding care during her last days on this earth.

They took her and her unique character and dealt with everything she threw their way.

Nurse Sandy S saved the day many a time.


Early in my tour of duty with Arcadia I learned that as great as Arcadia is, when you have imperfect humans dealing with imperfect humans sometimes in the best laid plans of mice and men, things don’t always go the way we would like…. However, it is the response to those moments in time that makes Arcadia shine.

As soon as I was able to get to my phone and report issues brought to my attention, my awesome management team was on it!

They investigated, addressed, confronted, dealt, and made each instance as right as anyone could make it.

Their responses were immediate, professional, and directly to the point of the matter in addressing the issues.

There was no excuse making, no trying to deflect responsibility, and no sweeping under the carpet.


Arcadia is innovative and cutting edge.   The thought and planning that has gone into the marketing materials and packaging of Arcadia’s services is top notch.

When people are shopping for service, they don’t want to read the 20 million things you can do.   They want to know what you can do for  them  in  their  situation.   They want to know how you can meet  their  needs.

Arcadia has developed literature that is professional in appearance and presentation.

Additionally, the breakdown of services into care packages that pertain to individual needs gives the sense that Arcadia has carefully crafted and tailored services specially for the individual.

Likewise, the pieces that are geared for specific disciplines; Wealth Management (Saving Your Client’s Time and Money), Assisted Living (Helping You Maintain Census), Physician’s and Medical Environments (Chronic Condition Management), Etc.   make Arcadia’s services relevant to our referral sources.   They can get a good clear picture of what we can do for them and their clients / patients.

Beyond the spectacular resources to help market Arcadia, Arcadia is always thinking forward and outside the box; From Assisted Vacations to On-Line Human Resource Services to Creative Contests  Challenging Us in Growth to Figuring Out How To Be On The Forefront of Obamacare, and on it goes…


Training Over Floweth-   It is so refreshing to work for a Company that has fabulous training!   Throughout my eclectic career which includes; law enforcement, social work, crisis & behavior management, administration, and for the past almost 14 years health care marketing / sales,   I can honestly say that I have not had as quality and comprehensive of training as I have with Arcadia.   Sincerely, it has been phenomenal!

Especially memorable has been the opportunity of going to Corporate to  see  the Company I am representing and to have been treated so well was highly motivating to me.   When I know that what I have to offer and bring to the table is respected and valued it makes me want to give my all and then some, in return.

Also, of great value is the regular ongoing learning, growing, and training I have received especially with LeadMaster.

While there are skills I possess and relationships I can draw on, technology is not my strongest skill set….  Not to worry, I have benefited from Arcadia’s Corporate  understanding and  working with  me  in the  way I learn  and now I am becoming a LeadMaster expert!

I must say though (with a smile) that seeing myself on the webcam is somewhat of a visual experience (for lack of a better word). :-)


It has been a long search for just the right place of employment for me and with all due honesty I can say:   I know I am in the right place.

I look forward now to taking all that I have learned in my first 90 days of employment with Arcadia Home Care & Staffing and utilizing it to show Arcadia they have hired the right employee.


Thank-You for this Outstanding Employment Opportunity-




If you’re interested in working for Arcadia, visit our jobs center for opportunities in your area.