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A change in behavior, a loving family

At 87, Helen Wright was a strong, independent woman who was known by her friends for her sharp eyes and admirable driving skills, according to CBS’ The Early Show. Wright was thoroughly enjoying her golden years, until family members noticed a change in her behavior.  

Wright’s daughters became concerned for their mother’s welfare and scheduled a CT scan at a doctor’s office. The radiologist called back with the disturbing news that Wright had a brain tumor. All of a sudden, the family found themselves in the midst of caregiving roles that were stressful and unfamiliar.

“Our first challenge was just taking care of her,” Wright’s daughter Kathy told the news provider. “The second was trying to find the things that we needed, in order to be allowed to take care of her. It took a while to locate the pieces of information we needed.”

Caregiving responsibilities can often come right after a sudden emergency, which means there’s no time for advance planning. In this case, families may want to consider hiring home health care aides who can help with this private duty by managing medications and overseeing the safety and comfort of a loved one.

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