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Lack of B12 may Reduce Memory Functions in Seniors

Seniors who are starting to forget names of people or who get lost in a familiar part of town, may be suffering from a lack of vitamin B12 in their brains.

According to a new study conducted by researchers at Rush University Medical Center and published in the medical journal Neurology, their testing shows a correlation between lack of proper brain functioning and a lower level of B12.

Researchers recruited 121 elder Chicago residents and during their initial meeting, the participants had their blood drawn to measure levels of B12 in their systems. During this time, the participants also took part in memory and cognitive testing to gauge their abilities.

After four and a half years, participants were brought back and were given an MRI so scientists could calculate their total brain volume and look for signs of brain damage.

From the data, researchers found that those who had low levels of B12 also had less memory and cognitive skill capability.

As a caregiver, providing the best support for a loved one as they age in place is crucial. Those fearful that a loved one isn't getting enough brain food may want to start including lean meats, fish and milk to their diet to increase B12 production.

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