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Deciding to move an aging parent into the home

The majority of those who has been a caregiver to a loved one over the years will agree that it is no easy task. As the baby boomer generation continues to reach retirement age, adult children will continue to face the the proposition of moving an aging loved in with them. However, there are a few things to consider before an adult child takes their parent in, according to The Washington Post.

First off, a caregiver needs to think about the home they live in and if it suitable for a senior. The risk of falling increases with age, and grab bars in the bathroom along with walk-in showers may become a must. In addition, seniors can find it harder to climb stairs, so building a first floor bedroom isn't out of the question, according to the news source.

Transportation is another thing to consider, as seniors may not have their licenses anymore. If this is the case, then caregivers may need to take them to doctor appointments, on errands or out to social engagements, among other places. Some caregivers will have the time for this, but those who are raising a family and have a full-time job may find this more difficult, the media outlet reports.

There are solutions, however, as home care professionals can make sure the senior is in good health during the day while the caregiver is at work or running errands.

According to the National Family Caregivers Association, more than 65 million people in the U.S. serve as a caregiver to an aging, chronically ill or disabled loved one, and they dedicate approximately 20 hours a week of care to the individual. 

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