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Meet Bernice Bates, the 91 year old Yoga instructor.

Bernice Bates, oldest yoga instuctor

Bernice Bates, the oldest yoga instructor, at 91. Picture from: Matt May / Guinness World Records

Since the 1960′s Bernice Bates has been a yoga enthusiast and teacher.   Bates tells TodayHealth that “Yoga gives you flexibility like  you’ve  never had before, and it makes you healthy because you’re working on the whole body, inside and out”.   As  we’ve  mentioned before, yoga offers numerous benefits scientifically proven to help seniors age healthier. Some proven benefits include  improved sleep quality, reduced stress, improved blood sugar in diabetes patients , enhanced respiratory function, less arthritis pain and osteoporosis prevention.

Bates believes “yoga is the best exercise there is”, as it causes very little stress on joints and bone structure in comparison to most cardio workouts.   The reporter claims “Yoga involves the whole body ”” muscles, ligaments, organs, she says, and gives you energy without exhausting your body.”

At 91, Bates has recently taken the Guinness World Record for being the oldest yoga instructor.   She relishes in her ability to enlighten her students, who are almost all seniors, to the fact that they are still able to be limber.   Yoga’s quick and no stress workouts are perfect for an aging loved one.

If you are looking for a way to introduce your aging loved one to the benefits of yoga, Arcadia Home Care may be able to help.   We offer many programs that can assist and encourage your loved one to get more exercise and activity to keep their mind and body healthier longer.

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