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Gardening may improve the attitudes of dementia patients

dementia gardens

Seniors with dementia may enjoy the serenity of gardening

Enjoying fresh air, smelling flowers and feeding or watching birds may sound good to anyone who needs to take a step back from the stresses in their lives, however, at one community center in Roanoke, Virginia, this setting is helping seniors with Alzheimer’s cope,  reports.

Here, creators of the park have pulled out all the stops to ensure visitors are able to fully enjoy their time – there is ample seating, tables for picnics and a walking path. Beyond that, there are also other amenities in place set to cater to those with dementia.

The source reports that the paths of the walking trails are level and wide to prevent falls, all the plants in the area are non-toxic and the cement on the trails has a tint to it to reduce glare when the sun hits it. Those who come are able to plant flowers in planters, pull up weeds and even fill bird feeders to pass the time. The calming sanctuary does wonders for those with Alzheimer’s, many times improving sufferer’s moods altogether.

“They get outside,” Cheyenne Barton, director of activities at the center told the publication. “They get the wind and the sunshine. Those things are so important to their care and how they feel. It just does them a world of good.”

Those providing elder care to a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s may want to create an oasis in their own yards to allow their parent to get fresh air and a chance at peace this spring.

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