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Seniors found to be in better spirits from playing video games

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Many computer games are readily available online for free.
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A new study from North Carolina State University finds improved emotional well-being from senior ”˜gamers’.   The study group consisted of 140 independent-living seniors, from age 63 and older, with the group’s average age around 77.   The researchers surveyed the group for the amount of video games they played regularly and split the group into three categories for the purpose of the study: those that play video games regularly, those that play occasionally and those that did not engage in video games.

Of the 140 participants, 35% claimed to play video games regularly (at least once a week), with 39% saying that they never played.   The researchers ran various surveys to determine the group’s over-all well-being, negative effects, inclination to depression, and social functions.   The research’s results uncovered that the 61% of seniors who played video games regularly to occasionally had more positive results on well-being and emotional state on average.

Lead author of the study, Dr. Jason Allaire confirms, “The research published here suggests that there a link between gaming and better well-being and emotional functioning”.  The study sheds light on possible new techniques to help our seniors maintain a positive attitude as physical abilities naturally decline.   The researchers have expressed further interest in the effects of video games in hope of finding a correlation with ”˜gaming’ and improved mental health.

Video games are available on a large variety of platforms and come in varying degrees of difficulty with a myriad of themes.   If you have an aging loved one that is becoming more perplexed or irritable, perhaps introduce them to some video games or consult Arcadia caregiver for fun ideas to keep your loved one happier at home and healthier longer.

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