Senior Caregiver

Home Care – Senior Caregiver and Elder Care Services

Caring for aging parents who have health issues can be challenging but meeting those needs with the appropriate assistance is not only possible but also preferable. Addressing the medical needs that exist on a daily basis is best handled by a qualified professional.

Arcadia has been a leader in elderly home care services for over 38 years. Within the comfort of your own home, we will begin with a complimentary consultation to listen to and assess your needs to create an individual care plan. You will then be matched with a compatible, compassionate caregiver who is dedicated to caring for your loved ones.

Services can be arranged for an hour a day to several hours a week, regularly or whenever you need us –you decide how often you need us but if your needs ever change, so will our services.

At Arcadia, we also offer other services. While senior home care usually is provided in a client’s home, Arcadia is able to provide care in assisted living facilities, nursing homes or even hospitals. We also specialize in Care Management to help you navigate the complexities of elder care

Why Arcadia:

  • Over 35 years of experience
  • Arcadia personnel available 24/7 including on call
  • No minimum service requirements
  • Nursing oversight for all care
  • Licensed or accredited in most locations

Our network of offices continues to grow, contact us by clicking Find Local Offices or call 866-224-7541 (toll free)