Arcadia Home Care & Staffing – Happy Holidays to our Dayton Caregivers!

Arcadia Home Care & Staffing - Dayton, OH office recently hosted a Caregiver Recognition & Recruitment Party for field associates. The event helped promote Arcadia's Referral Bonus Plan and included games, snacks, and door prizes! The office hired four new employees during this event! If you're curious about employment opportunities, contact the Dayton Team today!

Arcadia Home Care & Staffing – Dayton

Arcadia Home Care & Staffing – Dayton attended Xenia Senior Center’s Around the World event recently.  Each participant is assigned a theme and this year Arcadia was assigned France as their theme! The office staff enjoys participating in this creative event each year.  It is a lot of fun for both participants and guests.

Arcadia Home Care & Staffing – Grand Rapids

Arcadia Home Care & Staffing – Grand Rapids held an in-service event for their caregivers.  This event helps keep caregivers current on the skills needed to assist clients.  Pictured are some attendees, including door prize winners Denise Raisch and Linda Seil.  Also pictured is Ashley Cruz and Rachel Porter while conducting training on a hoyer lift.