Arcadia Benefits

One of the benefits of choosing Arcadia Home Care, versus a long term care facility, is one on one, client centered care that focuses not only on the experience of our clients, but what we call “caregiver matching.” Arcadia Home Care hires only the best to deliver customized service, at the highest standard.
Beyond that, we take the time to truly get to know our employees, clients and their families to best match the personal history, likes and dislikes to the household. This will make the transition into home care, from being alone, easier and more comfortable for those involved.

Arcadia on Call will assist our caregivers and nurses, to monitor your loved one in their home, using technology to provide a pattern of daily activities utilizing sensors for monitoring, offering a cost effective option and reducing the need for additional home care hours in some cases. Arcadia on Call offers early detection and notification to your family if something has changed, or emergency care is needed while maintaining privacy and comfort in your own home.