Care Management

Care Management

Arcadia's goal is to help seniors and their families manage the complexities of geriatric care with knowledgeable professional guidance, addressing health care and independence.

Our Care Managers are trained to assess your home health care staffing needs, help plan for the services needed, coordinate care with your local office and provide follow-up monitoring to ensure your satisfaction is met.

At Arcadia, we are devoted not only to our clients but to their families as well. Let our Care Managers help you with the intricate aspects of assisted living at-home services.

Our Care Managers:

Coordinate Care

Work closely with families to promote well-being, manage crises, navigate the complex health care system, and maximize the benefits of home care management.

Advocate For Your Family

We believe in helping you to stay at home healthier longer so that’s why we will be your voice and speak up to help reduce hospitalizations and avoid unnecessary services.

Facilitate Senior Care

We understand the health care system and can help you make the right decisions based on your personal needs.

Educate Your Family

With our vast resources, we can help to educate families on medical conditions, teaching you how to manage new conditions and challenges that may occur.

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