Our Care Programs

Arcadia's goal is to help seniors and their families manage the complexities of older adult life with unbiased professional guidance, addressing health care and independence.

Care Companion

As a leading, national provider of home care for over 35 years, we are pleased to present Arcadia’s Care Companion. This new advancement in home care delivery combines technology with the superior service you deserve and will enable us to exceed our own high standards – and yours. Arcadia’s Care Companion allows us to manage your care on the spot, ensuring your individual needs are communicated in real time to everyone involved in your care.

Care Companion allows our Clinician the ability to receive real time communications from the caregiver and adjust the plan of care if needed.

The Family Portal gives the family the peace of mind to know what tasks are being performed in their loved ones home and can be viewed from another mobile device

Arcadia On Call

Leverage technology to reduce cost. An effective measure to ensure safety, without incurring the cost of having a caregiver present in the home at all times. Reduced caregiver hours equates to reduced cost. Maintain your independence with Arcadia On Call. Arcadia on Call is a home care service that provides peace of mind to our clients and their loved ones. Our proactive approach combines passive, health and safety remote monitoring with trained clinicians who get to know you and your needs. This ensures that you get the proper care, when you need it most. Click here for to learn more...