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Arcadia Home Care knows that the term "home care" may have different meanings to different people. That’s why we’re committed to helping you understand the different types of home care that are available to you.

Some people think home care is limited to skilled care, but this is only one type. Home care encompasses any service provided in the home. It includes nursing care, companionship, assistance with bathing and dressing and basic homemaking chores. Different types of home care have different costs and potential funding sources.

There are basically 3 categories of home care. Each is distinct from the others.

This category requires the skills of a licensed professional. It includes services from a registered or licensed practical nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist or medical social worker.

This type provides or assists with personal care activities. It includes bathing, dressing, grooming, hair care, transfers and walking assistance.

This type helps with household chores and errands. It includes laundry, housekeeping, companionship, grocery shopping, and accompaniment to a doctor visit, meal preparation and pet care to name a few.


Homemaking/Companionship services do not include personal care but all other types of services in the home. Examples are household chores, companionship, laundry, shopping, and pet care if needed. Arcadia hiring standards mandate that the home care employee should have experience performing the services you are requesting.

In most states, a license is not required to provide the service. These services are the least expensive and most flexible of all home care types. Again, most regular insurance policies do not cover homemaking/companionship services.

Personal Care

Personal care services are provided by non-licensed employees called personal care aides or home care aides depending on what state they’re in. Arcadia hiring standards mandate that these individuals must have at least a high school education and 1 year experience providing personal care.

Some states require that the home care agency have a license to provide personal care services. The license ensures the agency adheres to regulations which may require the worker to complete personal care courses before providing care to you.

Personal care services are less costly than skilled home care. Most regular health insurance policies do not cover personal care expenses unless the person is also receiving skilled care but Long Term Care Insurance policies do cover these costs.

Skilled Professional Care

Skilled professional care is provided by licensed individuals. Examples include: Registered Nurses, Physical, Speech or Occupational Therapists, and licensed Practical & Vocational Nurses.

Clients who receive this type of care are usually recovering from post cardiac procedures, have respiratory care and maintenance needs, have ongoing chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, or just need post-surgery aftercare. Skilled professional homecare is usually covered by health insurances.

Remember, we’re here to assist you in any way we can. Have more questions? Contact us for the answers.

We’re here to help you through this process of selecting the perfect care for your loved one. We won’t try to sell you on services you don’t need –we are committed to assisting you in securing only the care you need at this time.